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I work with charcoal and acrylic paint on canvas. I appreciate the unfinished look, but I'm still searching for the right moment to quit a piece and move on. I'm inspired by seasonal change, particularly fond of autumn and winter. 


I was born in Macon, Georgia with a constant, nagging desire to create. After moving to Athens and receiving a degree in Art from the University of Georgia, I moved to Atlanta and started working in the film industry as a location scout. I also continued to paint paintings, sing songs, and film films. 


I then returned to school to pursue a degree in History. My focus included American labor history and the civil rights movement of the early 1900s. Upon graduating, I received the History department’s highest honor, the Phi Alpha Theta Award for History at Georgia State University. 


After I received my degree, and with the encouragement of a number of professors, I had thoughts of obtaining a masters degree in History, yet  found I missed creating art, so I once again turned my attention to painting female figures and cityscapes. It was at this time my art began to sell just enough to keep me from continuing on my academic path. 


It was also at this time that I began making my own Halloween art, providing decorations for a neighborhood party. Unsatisfied with commercial Halloween decorations, I created life size witches and whimsical ghouls roughly cut from plywood. As interest began to grow, and people declared their desire to purchase my crude creations, I started my "Guh Guh and Phangs Haunted Collectables" business, named after two of my principal characters. I found making this "fun" art a satisfying departure from the "fine" art I'd been making all these years. Plus, this stuff began to sell.


As for my fancy artist resume … my artwork (both the fine art and the "fun" Halloween art) has been shown in a number of galleries. Most have gone out of business ( oddly, soon after the display of my work) and to list them would be a bore. I've sold the majority of my paintings by accident and word of mouth. The prints sell quite well at Atlanta area arts festivals. Since 2007 I've had a booth at in town Atlanta art festivals : East Atlanta, Inman Park, Candler Park, and Grant Park Arts Festivals as well as Athfest in Athens, Ga.


I play in an instrumental music project called Applesauce Tears, providing soundtracks for films yet to be made. I collect toys, love baseball, and find value in the coldest, bleakest days of the year.


I'll write more if and when it happens. 




As of late, I've been carving onto linoleum blocks. I've opened up a new wing here to display the results.



I've moved my Guh Guh and Phangs Haunted Collectable and Bric-a-brac to the Haunted Art page here.



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